Morris, Downing, & Sherred, LLP
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Morris, Downing, & Sherred, LLP

Established Newton Attorneys Serving North Jersey
Our firm has been a mainstay of the Sussex County legal community for more than 100 years because our attorneys continue to be proactive leaders. We seek and retain the knowledge and talent that best serve the legal needs sought by our clients not just in North Jersey, but throughout New Jersey.Headquartered in Newton, our attorneys are committed to building lasting relationships with each of our clients. We believe that the customized approach we offer is key to achieving lasting results and maximized settlements. When you hire a law firm, you should know:

Thorough case evaluation and investigation tactics will be employed
Cost-effective methods will be used throughout the legal process
Alternative forms of dispute resolution will be considered
Contracts, agreements, transactions, settlements and verdicts will always be pursued in your best interests

Resourceful, Dedicated And Specialized Legal Counsel
We are a full-service, multidisciplinary law firm, but not of the typical variety. Our attorneys focus on specific practice areas. Your attorney at Morris, Downing & Sherred, LLP, is dedicated to his or her legal focus. As a result, you get legal counsel, guidance and representation that stem from extensive experience, supported by deep resources. Our attorneys are strategic partners with our clients, and we strive to resolve the most complex legal issues promptly and professionally.
1 Main St.
Newton, NJ
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