The Decorating Committee shall be responsible for initiating and maintaining beautification projects in the downtown business district. Examples of their work include the purchase of holiday wreaths, flags and flowers that adorn our downtown area.
Chairperson: Nancy Woods

The Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for the criteria, advertising, and selecting of the recipients of the awards given. There are three scholarships.
Chairperson: Joe Stickles

The Finance Committee shall be responsible for supervising the financial affairs of the Chamber, approving expenditures, preparing the annual budget and arranging for an annual audit when called upon. The Treasurer shall be ex officio Chairperson of the Finance Committee.
Chairpersons: Tom Dust, Treasurer

The Retail Committee shall be responsible for organizing programs designed to stimulate shopping in the Newton area and for recommending programs and projects for civic improvement.
Chairperson: Erin Louglas

Public Relations/Website
The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for promotion, publicity and media programs regarding all events to be held by the Chamber in cooperation with the Executive Director.
Chairperson: Tom Dust

The Social Committee shall be responsible for making arrangements for preparing the programs for all membership meetings. Social Committee members shall act as hosts at membership meetings. The Social Committee shall be responsible for obtaining venues for the quarterly dinners and the monthly Business After Hours socials.
Chairperson: Kim Morlock


The Membership Committee shall encourage new membership and devise means of retaining current members. The Committee shall prepare a membership application to be approved by the Board of Directors.
Chairperson: Bob Woods

Other committees include:
Awards – Mary Miller
Holiday Parades – Sandy Diglio
Newton Day Festival – Nancy Woods, Mary Miller
Taste of Newton – TBD
Oktoberfest – Kevin Prendergast
Nomination – Mel Dennison
Women in Business – Kim Morlock
Internet – Tom Dust
Fund Raising – The Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible for developing and organizing additional revenue for the GNCC.