Membership Categories

Any individual, firm, or corporation of good standing, residing or conducting business in the greater Newton area who or which is interested in the welfare, advancement, and progress of the area may apply for membership.
Business Member

Regular members shall be those members who are active in the programs of the Chamber and who have paid dues according to the bylaws.
Associate Member

A member of the Chamber with additional or ancillary business interests may apply for associate membership in the name of that business. An associate member will have all the responsibilities and privileges of membership with the exception that such member will not have the right to vote.
Resident Patrons

Resident Patrons are members of the Greater Newton Area who do not have a business affiliation, but wish to support the Chamber’s activities. Patrons shall have their names published in the directory and may attend meetings, dinners, and social events. Patrons do not have voting privileges.
Honorary Members

An honorary member shall not pay annual dues and not be eligible to vote but will have all the social privileges of membership. The majority of members, or the Board of Directors, may desire to bestow an honorary membership in consideration of any action, service, or benefit to the Chamber of such outstanding merit to warrant such a membership.